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Asia—Potash International Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Ltd. is the local company being listed on A-share stock exchange ( Stock name on the Stock Exchange is “Donlink Grain” and Code of the company is 000893.SZ.). The Scope of business of the company includes: grain trading, international shipping and logistics, potash mining, potash fertilizer production and marketing. Bearing in mind of the core value of “Honest is root, moral character to benefit man”, Donlink Grain has gained a good social recognition and market reputation to creat its unique core competitive advantages after decades of self-improvement, hard-working with great inheritance, innovation and accumulation.

With its main business of merchandise trades including corn, sorghum, feed barley, DDGs, etc, the company has rich experience in cooperation and communication with international mainstream grain producers and traders, and is familiar with international trade rules and overseas transportation with good organization and coordination, it has long-term cooperation and good relationship with the Customs and wharfs, all these gives it obvious advantage in organization of the large-scale grain importing and logistics cost control. Meanwhile, making use of the politic convenience supplied by the Nansha Free Trade Zone, in virtue of favourable climate, geographical position and human supporting, and after resource integration, innovation strengthen and active joint venture and cooperation, our company has made remarkable achievement and contributes to the development of Nansha Free Trade Zone.

The company has active layout for a long-term development and carrys out diversified strategies, its subordinate SINO-AGRI International Potash Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “SINO-KCL”) has the right to exploit 35 km2 area of potash salt deposits in Khammuane Province, Lao PDR. The area has a proven K-Mg ore mf reserve of 1,002,000,000 tons, equivalent to 152,000,000 tons of pure potassium chloride resources. The previous 100,000 t/a potash fertilizer verification project completed by SINO-KCL has made a significant breakthrough in the world's K-Mg salt deposit (carnallite) exploitation field. SINO-KCL is also the first enterprise that has achieved industrial mass production and economic benefits in newly-born potash salt regions worldwide and keeps its leadership in the industry. Up to now SINO-KCL has already launched the construction of a 500,000 t/a potash fertilizer expansion project and is striving for the development goal of 1,000,000 t/a steadily.

The company is also engaged in business of overseas dry bulk carrier and logistics and provides logistics solution. Excepted from extant cereal commodities like soybean and corn, etc, it has gradually stepped into shipping business of carrying bulk commodities like coal and iron ore.

Securing food supply to the society, contributing to the nation and prospering the country are regarded as the Company’s responsibilities. The mission of the Company is to establish “Food and Related Consuming Products” strategy by extending the chain of the industry and developing related diversified areas. Along the road of development by internal consolidation and external expansion, the Company is constantly improving its industry distribution and upgrading its products structure in order to develop new products and open up new businesses.

By focusing over the industry and with grateful from you, Asia—Potash International Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Ltd. is willing to work hands in hands with all old and new friends to build up and pursue dreams for you and us and to materialize the dream of China.


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